RootBone Conjure & Mystical Inquiry Hypnosis

…Healing Dwells Within You, Healing Begins With You…
September 27th, 2012 by Sonya-Prajna

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Web!

Hello, and Welcome to RootBone Conjure & Mystical Inquiry Hypnosis!

Mystical: having a sacred or spiritual meaning not given by normal modes of thought or feeling; of or resulting from a person’s direct experience of communion with God (or Goddess) or ultimate reality; mysterious or incomprehensible [The Penguin English Dictionary, Third Edition].

Inquiry: a request for information; a systematic investigation [The Penguin English Dictionary, Third Edition].

This website is designed to provide some intriguing information on New Age awareness, metaphysical topics and, of course, hypnosis. By seeking answers, and finding new ways, to help sort through the mysteries of life, we grow, we change and we learn. We are all students, and teachers, on this spiritual journey of life, and we can all help each other take those giant (or baby) steps towards manifesting our goals!

So, I hope you will join me as we develop, expand, and realize our potential!

I will post upcoming classes, provide “Juicy Tidbits of Knowledge,” and discuss topics, techniques and other information, that will help open our views towards more understanding and awakening.

I look forward to our spiritual adventure!


September 24th, 2012 by Sonya-Prajna

RootBone Conjure & Mystical Inquiry Hypnosis…Healing Dwells Within You, Healing Begins With You…